ACE Digital have over 10 years experience in planning and executing paid acquisition campaigns, and are Google Adwords Certified. If you want to increase your visibility online, or are looking to increase the number of visitors to your site, ACE Digital will plan and execute a bespoke campaign, designed around your goals.

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What makes ACE Digital different?

Not only do we optimise campaigns in terms of audience and keyterm targeting and click bidding, we also revise the website landing page and conversion path, to maximise your potential for success.

We will perform an initial website audit and use this data to plan improvments of your onsite performance. Only then, once the customer journey is suitable, will we execute campaigns to drive the traffic to your site.

Therefore we will help you to manage each campaign customer journey from end to end; ensuring you don’t just get the click, but a better chance of getting that all important conversion.

Which paid opportunities are available?

ACE Digital will put together a bespoke paid acquisition plan, tailored for your business. Based on your brand positioning and business goals, your paid strategy may include some or all of the following.


Appear top of Google paid search results for the key search terms which perform best for your business. ACE Digital will structure and execute campaigns which will align to your business objectives. Each bidding strategy will be tailored to your individual budget and goals.


Grow your online brand awareness by displaying targeted digital adverts across the web. ACE Digital will display your brand messaging on 3rd party web pages which are related to your industry, gain maximum clicks.


ACE Digital will help you to maximise the potential of all visitors to your website by retargeting them as they continue to browse online. Increase click-through’s and conversions by making sure previous visitors return to your site through Search or Display retargeting ads.


Make sure your valuable content and communications reach your desired audience across chosen social media channels. ACE Digital will review your brand positioning and business goals, before creating a bespoke social media strategy to achieve your goals.