Website Analysis and Insight


Whether you need a simple website status report or a full site audit with development plan, ACE Digital can support your individual requirements. We are fully Google Analytics Certified.

How we do it

We add a couple of small lines of code onto your website which enables our amazing customer tracking tools to see how your website visitors are behaving onsite. By doing this, we will have eyes on all your visitors activity and be able to ascertain where your customer journey could be smoother.


What we deliver

Let us know exactly what you want to find out and we will research and present the information in the format that suits you:

Vital statistics

  • Number of visitors
  • Paged viewed
  • Time on key pages
  • Visitor flow/customer journey
  • Key exit pages
  • Performance by device and screen size (desktop/tablet/mobile)
  • Conversion rates


Visualisations of:

  • Content viewed
  • Clicks
  • Visitor recordings
    • Watch how individual visitors navigate through your site in real time
  • Reported by traffic source or campaign

SEO Technical Audit

As SEO experts, ACE Digital provide you with a full website audit indicating changes which will help improve your Google and search engine rankings.

This includes:

  • Site structure
  • Site content
  • Page load times
  • HTML structure
  • Asset tagging and titles
  • Page errors
  • Duplicate content